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Tachycardia Outdoors

Don Thacker - March 18, 2013 Welcome to another heart pounding year with Don Thacker & his outdoor team as they travel the globe in pursuit of the most exciting, over-the-shoulder hunting & high impact, high performance rides you will not see anywhere.

Tachycardia Outdoors takes you on heart pounding hunts from the swamps of Florida to the Mountains of Alaska and everywhere in between. The thrill of the hunt is taken to a whole other level by the Tachycardia Team as they hunt around the country and harvest some of the biggest, unique, and meanest animals mother nature has to offer.

With a pro staff filled with household names, and average Joes, Tachycardia Outdoors brings the reality to hunting TV! Their endeavors are real, fast paced, and may cause YOU to have a Tachycardia Attack! So, hold on tight, and enjoy the only series that brings your multiple kills every week, with the most excitement one heart can handle!